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4/5 Girls

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Game Schedule


Fall 2023 Coaches

Theresa Eastman

Atkins Attack

Kristen Schanbacher

Soccer Saints

Ashley Martin

Soccer Sisters

Picture Day: September 9th (Unless otherwise dated)

Picture Time
Game Time
Team Name
Team Name
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
Lady Hawks
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Soccer Saints
Soccer Sisters
Wed. 9/6
6:15 PM
In Atkins
Atkins Attack

General  Info

Age: 4/5 Grade

Note: Heading the ball is allowed

Number of Players: 7 on 7

Ball Size: 4

Field Size: 30 x 60

Goal Size: 7 foot tall by 20 feet long by 7 feet deep

All games will be played at: Van Horne Rec Complex (300 10th St. Van Horne 52346)

Uniform: Soccer shoes are recommended. The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before use. No front spike allowed. Must wear shirt provided by BYSA and black shorts are preferred. Shin guards are mandatory, and must be covered by the socks provided by BYSA. Players MUST wear the correct color socks and jersey. Socks cannot be mixed, white, purple, orange etc. No Jewelry is allowed at all, boys or girls.

Substitutions: Prior to throw-ins, prior to a goal kick, after a goal, after an injury, at half time.

Playing time and duration: No player should play four periods until everyone has played three periods. Periods are 2, 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time

Official: High School Soccer players will be officiating the games, with parents as linesmen.


Coaches must stress that players sit on one side of the field, fans on the other. Players are encouraged to sit with their team during the game, not the audience.

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